Right Relations/For Better Or Worse/Commitment

Here is my next installment on ‘Right Relations’ this is a work in progress, but aren’t we all.

Right Relations/For Better Or Worse

Commitment is a necessary ingredient in any lasting relationship. Think about the last wedding you attended. The vows usually include,’ For better or for worse.’ (I have a poem with this same title, unfortunately it is not a pretty one, but one based on my own marriage)Meaning they are in it for the long haul. They were making a life time commitment. Unfortunately some enter marriage with an escape clause and sign a prenuptial agreement. In this case I wonder why they are bothering to get married. It is like you have one foot out the door and there is no commitment actually being made.

Family you are born into, you didn’t get the choice. Your parents did choose to get into a relationship with each other. Whether they were married or not, you came to be born. Their choice to be in whatever type of a relationship had a cause and effect. Hopefully they had a good marriage and you enjoyed happy childhood. If this is the case you probably have good and healthy relationships, if it is not you probably have difficult times with relationships like me. The list of wrong or painful relationships I will discuss later. Right now let us continue to focus on commitment.

A marriage is a commitment intended to be for life. You’re choosing to give your life to be shared with another and they are doing the same. This is the same commitment God is seeking to have with you and me. So how do we get to the place we want to make this commitment? This is what I am seeking to learn.

Relationships are not the only thing we make a commitment to. Friendships, work and church are some things we make a commitment to. When you take a job you are making a commitment to show up on time, work your scheduled hours and do the work assigned to you. Friends are people you choose to allow to get close to you. You share your life, dreams, hopes, likes and dislikes. Some last a lifetime, others grow apart and even end on a bad note. They take effort and commitment to work. You go to church, you become a member, or you serve in the ministry. These all require a commitment.

So what commitment or commitments do you need to work on?


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