Complaining Or Grateful?

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Discouraged due to your circumstances? Change the way that you think. Renew your mind by thinking on how much Father God loves you. How he sustains and strengthens you on life’s journey. Express gratitude and thankfulness for his goodness to you.

The children of Israel were miraculously delivered from years of slavery in Egypt and had all their needs provided. They had manna, bread from heaven to eat and water from the rock. Their clothes and shoes did not wear out. God was their cloud cover, shading them from the desert sun by day and as fire by night. Yet their focus changed from their blessings, to ingratitude and complaining. They became impatient with the journey and discouraged, cursing God and Moses for their difficulties. This negativity brought judgment and not joy.

Our attitude determines our outcome. Have a different thought of gratitude and live abundantly.


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