Sunday August 8, 2018

Hello and long time no see! I have not run off and forgotten everyone. I miss my fellow bloggers and reading your posts but I have had to take a break from social media and dive deeper into my studies and prayers. I pray for you often for so many of you have blessed us all with the wonderful messages you have shared here.

I will confess I have been struggling with some personal issues. Feelings of discouragement and whether  or not if I am capable of doing what God has called me to do, and in general a negative attitude that I hate having. My Aunt lost her daughter to cancer, as a dear friend also lost her father to cancer as well. There is also my project on Right Relations that I am still working on. So as I am letting God work things out in me you will not be seeing much of me here for a while. Until my return love and prayers to you all.

18 thoughts on “Sunday August 8, 2018

  1. Julie, often we have the most opposition just before breakthrough. This is a season of being in the fire so that all that is not of God can be burned. You will come forth from the trials as pure gold. Anytime God gives you a promise, it is his responsibility for the provision. He will always come through when we move with what he tells us. Abundant blessings and healing to your grieving heart. xoxo

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  2. It’s good to know that God is in the business of restoring lives. We all know He will bring you out because He have done it for all of us. So I’m praying for you my friend to have patience and perseverance. And giving Him the glory right now.

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