The Significance of the Names of the Sons of Israel

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We have now come to the consideration of a very significant element in the Divine Revelation. Previously we were impressed with the fact that when the High Priest of Israel went into the presence of GOD in the Holy of Holies, he bore upon his shoulders and upon his breast the names of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, engraved upon precious stones. These names appeared in the order of the birth of these twelve sons of Jacob. Comparatively few have ever realized that the meaning of these names present the Divine order and operation of GOD’s plan of Salvation, as revealed subsequently in the Word of GOD.

Please read Revelation 7:4-8 and then read Revelation 21:12 and marvel at…

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One thought on “The Significance of the Names of the Sons of Israel

  1. Thanks Julie! You have no idea how popular that post is, really amazing, we’re talking thousands. It’s when you do these drill downs that the gems surface. You have yourself a great day! Grace and blessings.

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