Compromise: The Path Leading to Hell!


By Patrick Hawthorne

abandoned church4

America is in a spiritual decline.  Perhaps the word decline is too safe.  Perhaps the word “free fall” would be a more fitting description. To that, no one rightly discerning the times can deny.  Many of our elected leaders are building their foundation upon the decaying corpses of all they have slaughtered through their lawless policies, deeds, and acts.  Meanwhile, they are ignorant to the death and decay that is swallowing their own souls.

Time and time again, we are told – and rightly so –  to pray for our nation and to pray for those in authority.  Yet, the more we pray the more it appears that this nation’s  downward slide has gained so much momentum that none, not even God, is capable to slowing its descent.

Habakkuk shared the same sentiment when he saw Judah fall into the hands of the Chaldean’s (Babylonians).  To paraphrase…

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