Thought for the week Feb. 9, 2019

As we end another week, I am thinking about the weather here in Texas. We began the week with warm and sunny days. Temperatures even rose into the 80’s. Then winter temperatures returned down to the 20’s. So sitting here bundled up, bone chilling cold. I think about what scriptures that speak about being double minded, and how easy it is for us to be tossed about by waves. The weather here cannot seem to make up its’ mind and neither do we. How many of us agree with things that we know to be wrong to keep the peace. Are we afraid of being judged a hypocrite, or that we are speaking in hate if we call a sin , what it is, sin? Do we tolerate idols because they have been a part of our traditions and have been given christian names? Do we want only to hear words that please our ears and turn from harsh words of truth?

A couple of months ago God had told me the Body is out of alignment with His Word and Way. The body being the church, this being every believer no matter your denomination. He did not say that we are not believers and we are still His, but we have compromised His truth, His Word, giving only half of what He has given to us. To afraid to offend or be judged as being hateful. We tolerate sin afraid to speak correction, saying we are forgiven. Forgetting that to receive forgiveness we first must repent , acknowledging our sin. We know the name of Jesus, we believe He sacrificed His life to pay for our sins and that He rose from the grave, conquering death, giving us the keys to life. We go to church read the Bible, but for too many it stops there. We continue to live our lives to please ourselves and not God. Then there are those of us who know the truth and live it but we do not speak out when we see wrongs committed we are lacking in our responsibility.  We love God but not as He loves us. We love as the world loves. Tossed about by waves of compromise and opinions. Unstable in all we do.

We need to get out of that boat and be firmly planted upon the Rock of Truth. We need to make some changes. Our lives should reflect the love of Christ in every area of our life, not just when we gather in buildings we call church, but be the Church. Love the sinner but teach them to turn from sinful ways. Rid ourselves of idols and compromise. Live in His Truth, His Way, and His Love. Get aligned with Him, a body that is perfectly aligned functions at its’ best.


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