I’ve written about our country being broken for the past couple years on Presidents Day.  I’ve been witness to breaking up of families through divorce.  Through my life, I’ve been broken by loss of a loved one – bad choices – sins that continually haunt me.  I’ve also seen division occur when minds have differences of opinion – friendships are broken because of it – lives change as a result.  When something is cracked, do we abandon it?  Do we walk away, because we don’t want to pick up the pieces and go through the tedious job of putting them back together again?

Last week I accidentally bumped a treasured porcelain figurine and broke it. This little piece of art had survived all these years without a crack. I glued it back together again, but will it last? Will the mending outlast time?  Probably not.  Still for a while, it will be fine and…

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