Thoughts on short story series ‘Is it only in my mind?’

I am not sure how this story came to me, but I do believe it was inspired by the Spirit.  It makes no mention of Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit, but you can see them if you read carefully. The man who is speaking had a Jewish accent in my mind. The story is one that should hopefully get the reader to open up their mind and see not with human eyes but with spiritual ones. The second chapter is based on a dream that had tormented me when it first came to me when I was pregnant with my first child. Back then I thought it was a nightmare. It was so vivid, and repeated so many times that I hated to sleep. Afraid I would be taken back to it. It was not until years later that God had revealed to me that it was not to cause me fear but to show me that even though there are those who seek to harm me that I would not be destroyed. It was only recently that the revelation of what the fire circled around me meant. It is a hedge of protection that kept the enemy from taking my life. The story is for both believers and nonbelievers. A way to get past barriers that keep us from knowing Jesus. The man who is speaking can be called a teacher, a shepherd and a friend. Our battle is not one of flesh, but is spiritual. I hope this story has inspired you. I

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