Are You Holding Onto Negativity?


As I was reading 1Peter2:1-13. I felt like the Lord gave me 5 points he wanted me to share about our health. When I talk about health, I don’t mean diet…I feel like God is drawing me to learn to be healthy mind, body and spirit. One thing I have learned about my body is that when I am stressed, my whole body is effected. I began to pondering on how this affects my overall health. I know spiritually it was changing me. My body began to pay the price as well. So after reading 1Peter2:1-13 God revealed these 5 points.

1. Rid yourself 
– rid yourself of all malice talk, slander, etc… we can look at this as being towards others, but let’s looks at this scripture as how we speak or treat ourselves. God doesn’t want us to slander ourselves. Don’t speak about yourself in such a way…

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