Right Relations/5/12/19/Abused or Abuser

It took me blowing up and verbally abusive towards my daughter to realize that I was taking out my physical and emotional pain on her. When I heard the words coming out of my mouth, I realized that I had become my abusers all rolled up in one. Even though it was verbal, the damage was done. My relationship’s with those who had abused m, had affected how I was relating to my daughter. Thankfully I realized that I needed to stop and get help. The words that had come out of my mouth still haunt me. I had to acknowledge that I had allowed pain and anger fill me with hate.  Filled with hatred how could I love? Anger and resentment towards others effected how I treated my daughter. I love her, but what she got was an unstable mother who loved her but did not know how to love. I am thankful that through counseling and going through ‘Life ‘s Healing Choices’ a small group my church had offered helped me to make the changes that I had to, so I could heal from the abuse O had suffered. That what was done to me did not justify my behavior. I had to acknowledge the wrongs that I have done without blaming my actions on another. I am grateful that God forgave me and that I am not who I used to be. Now I pray that my daughter can forgive me and know that she never deserved how she was treated.

4 thoughts on “Right Relations/5/12/19/Abused or Abuser

  1. Letting go of what has transpired in the past is never easy Julie, and that includes what we have done to others as well as what has been done to us. But we are new creatures indeed and God is His mercy and grace continually works upon the renewing of our hearts and minds, if we focus on Jesus and His love for us. The fact that you see and are aware and have stepped into His process, relying on Him, is the critical element. God’s Word says that love covers a multitude of sins and that is His love, being demonstrated, in us and through us, to others, as His grace and the healing permit. We all have slips, it happens because we are still in these earthly bodies, but that which He has begun in us, He will bring to completion. Thank you for sharing this Julie and may our gracious Lord keep you in His perfect peace, guidance and care.

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