His eye is on the sparrow

It has been said, many times in my life, that pain is the unwanted blessing from the Lord. I know from experience, as any number of you do also, that it is true.

I hate pain, painful experiences, and seeing other people, animals, and any living creature suffering pain. However, I also admit that in all my experiences, the truly most valuable lessons in my life, have come about through pain. It has been the single most useful experience that brought me closer, and keeps me closest, to my Risen Savior. I would suffer all those painful experiences again gladly, if I knew then that they would bring me to where I am now, and where I am going at the end. But I still hate pain; and very much long for the day that it will no longer be necessary as a learning, or warning, tool.Β  -g.w.

A word…

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