Isolation Sucks, and yet…

Mitch Teemley

We seem to have hit critical mass. More than any other time during the pandemic people are suffering the effects of isolation: loneliness, depression, anger (domestic violence is up), longing for escape (drug sales are soaring). But if we to choose to, we can do more than just wait out the storm. We can use this time intentionally so that when we finally do come together again, we will have become kinder, more patient, more grateful. May we someday look back and say, “Yes, that was a horrible time, and we’re glad it’s over. But we’re also glad we used it to become better human beings.”

Learn and Grow

  • Reading – Isolation makes the world smaller. Books make it even larger than before!
  • Writing and journaling – Write about the present, yes, but also write down your memories–in detail. Doing so will free you to revisit those times…

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