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Flowers or Weeds?
I love this time of year – the fresh, newness of the leaves on the trees, the bluebells, the cherry blossoms that have just burst into bloom, and my personal favourite – the daffodils that grow prolifically at the sides of the roads all around where we live.

On Saturday, while my husband and I were driving to the shops, I noticed something else though; in every patch of grassy area, all along the sides of the roads, literally thousands of bright yellow dandelion flowers have sprung up. The sun was shining on them, and against the backdrop of sky and sea, they looked so pretty. I said to David, “I’m looking at those dandelions and my brain’s telling me that they’re weeds, but somehow I don’t care, they still look beautiful”

img_5950As soon as the words were out of my mouth, the thought struck me that…

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