Great post on prayer and fasting.

Revealed Ministries

What is this?

Today, we begin our 40 day fast to pray and seek the face of the Lord God Almighty. If you are joining us, I encourage you to continue to be led by the Lord in how you approach the the throne of grace concerning your fast. This fast is a biblical food fast.

How do we do it?

You may choose to approach this prayerfully as you are led by the Lord. Some people may do something called intermittent fasting. This could include just fasting one meal a day to devote that time to prayer and the Word. Someone else may give up two meals and then break the fast with being free to eat from 4 till they go to sleep at night. If you are doing intermittent fasting, try to eat healthy meals during your eating times. Binging on junk will probably make you feel…

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