Hymns for HIM / God is speaking written by Ken Bible

I am not one who makes recommendations for websites very often, but today I came across a website for hymns, that I really like. I am one who does enjoy hymns but can rarely sing a majority of them, mainly because they are one difficult to sing and two I can come across one I have never heard but like the lyrics but have no idea what tune to sing it in. On this website;


they not only give you the tune to it is sung in, but scripture reference. I have not yet explored the entire site, but I came across it while looking for songs on listening to God. I came across a hymn title: ‘God is speaking’ which I had never heard before. Yet the words of the lyrics went so well with my last post; Call To Prayer / Listening, that I wanted to learn how to sing it. I tried YouTube but could not find it there, and then I came across this site, and was able to quickly learn the song.

Here is the lyrics to ‘God is speaking’

God is speaking.
God is speaking.
Do you hear?
Do you hear?
Trust, and you will hear Him.
Trust, and you will hear Him.
He is love.
He is love.

God is speaking,
Always speaking.
Do you hear,
Hear His heart?
Trust, and you will hear Him
If you want to hear Him.
He is love,
Always love.

God is speaking,
Always speaking
Using needs,
Using joys,
Speaking in His wisdom,
Speaking in His mercy,
Calling hearts,
Changing lives.

Words by Ken Bible

it sung to the tune of Frere Jacques

I love all types of music, both old and new. This site has just help me with music that is not easy for me. If there is anyone who knows where I can find it to be able to listen

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