I have shared that one of the global causes that is on my prayer list is for victims of human trafficking. I was happy to see a report on the rescue of children from this horrific crime.


I hope you take a moment and read a good news report. 13 missing children were included in those who were saved, and 9 arrests were made. I know there are millions more out there, but it does give us reason to be thankful for these children. I hope you will continue to pray with me so that those who are still suffering from this crime, for the victims and their families.

7 thoughts on “Call To Prayer / Victims of human trafficking follow up

  1. amen, I just said yesterday on my Facebook page that I noticed over last several weeks about people posting human trafficking was bigger problem than what is going on right now and no one is talking about it then bam, GA, OH and MI all had busts. #bethechange

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