We pray to God, and we make our requests, petitions for provision, protection, healing, and the list goes on. Then we wait to hear His answer. Yet, are we listening to God, when it comes to the answer? Do we hear His answer and because we do not like it, so we go to a friend, a minister, a teacher, etc… looking for the answer we want to hear? Maybe we grow impatient because the answer does not come through in our timing and someone comes with an answer but it is not from God, but it sounds nice so we believe it is.

It feels like my life has been nothing but a battlefield at times. I have heard people tell me all the wrong I must be doing for God to be punishing me, and that my faith must be weak because if it was stronger I would have been healed already, etc… These are just a couple of examples of voices I had listened to in the past. Well meaning people who thought they were helping, but were not. Listening to them I doubted myself and I doubted God, and this kept the embers of anger burning within me. Angry with the world, and angry with myself, and even angry with God. I learned with time that God was not punishing me, and the He forgave me and loves me. He was not the author of my pain and suffering. My faith had not been weak but actually growing stronger with each trial I faced, because I did not walk away but clung to Him with all of my life. I may stumble but I get back up, and what ever I have done in my past is in the past, He does not hold it against me, but it can be used to teach others of His amazing love.

Recently a friend and I prayed over my current situation, and including the request for a new job that would be better than my current one, from which I am on leave because of a workplace injury, which has limited my use of my right arm. The very next morning I received a call, which I thought was to confirm my Dr. appointment, but was for a job interview. I was so happy to get called for an interview, I thought it had been an answer to prayer. The door to that job was immediately shut, which before would have depressed me, but this time I felt peace. I heard Him tell me that He has better in store for me, and that right now I need to just rest and be healed. When I told my friend that I did not get the job she had been so sure the enemy had stolen it from me. God then gave me this to share with her, ‘Not everything that looks like a blessing is a blessing or even from Him. Curses can be disguised as a blessing, just like some blessings do not look like a blessing at first. I could have been discouraged when the door to this job closed, but the peace He gave me let me know that it was for my best. So the answer was no to it, but it was also that He has better, I just need to wait and recover from my recent injury.

We may not always like what He has to say to us. If we are stubborn and dismiss what He is saying we will not have peace. He will always do right by you, and never do anything to harm you, nor will he give you anything that will harm you. We do have to choose to listen to Him if we want to receive what He has for us.

God bless and protect you, in Jesus name, amen.

9 thoughts on “Call To Prayer / Who are you listening to?

  1. Julie, your prayers have been heard and as Job or the woman with an issue, your faith will restore you and bring forward the blessings our Lord has in place. Being a diligent messenger is you reaching out to touch Yeshua’s hem. When you do touch it as was the woman you will be healed.

    Know many are being blessed by your work and testimony of the Lord’s continued shaping and moulding of you to be one of his chief frontline warriors, against those who stand against Him.

    My prayer was given to me to pass to you. As I read your testimony I heard Job speaking to his friends, about faith, David displaying his courage before Goliath, and the discernment of the woman with an issue knowing in her heart she will be healed.

    Heavenly Father, bring onto this sister, your deep discernment and message of her next blessings filling her with stronger courage and perseverance as your final touch. I pray in Yeshua’s name Amen and Amen.
    Julie, recall, we were never shown what thorn Paul dealt with.

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  2. Powerful testimony! I Love it! many people will be encourage through your heart felt testimony! thank you so much for sharing! I pray speedy healing over you in JESUS name!

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  3. Excellent and mature thoughts! We think that if it is God’s will it will be easy. The cross wasn’t easy! Paul’s persecutions were not easy. The martyrs way is not easy, but they are all God’s will. Blessings to you!!

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    1. So true! Too many people decorate crosses and use them to decorate their home without thinking about the ugliness that it truly was. A tool for sufferings and death. None of the disciples escaped persecution. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. God bless and keep you.


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