40 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Day 23- War in the Heavenlies

Revealed Ministries

What many people do not understand about fasting is the spiritual connection between fasting and spiritual warfare. Throughout scripture, fasting is a tool in the battle between the powers of evil and the powers of God. What is incredibly mind-blowing is that we little, insignificant human beings are called by God to have a pivotal role in the battle with our prayer and fasting.

Compared to our Father in heaven we are small, but his love for us is not small and his desire to work alongside of us in the battle is not diminished. We are his children- his family- and we are all involved in the success of the mission at hand.

Jesus crossed heaven and earth to rescue us with his own blood. He didn’t rescue us so that we could be helpless. He rescued us and brought his authority to us so we could be equipped…

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