Prayer Of Surrender

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Daddy God, holy is your name. I give you all the glory, Daddy God. You are so good and your mercy endures forever. Great is your faithfulness.  I yield and surrender my will, for your will, today. Turning from pride arrogance and idle words and humble myself before you. I ask for and receive your abundant grace, for this day.

Daddy God, I’m desperate for more of you, in all areas of my life. I put everything, on the altar, for you, no longer giving tokens but give all to you. I let go of all the hurts, pain and offenses, of the past. My heart (mind, will and emotions) are yours. All my enemies I bless. I trust you and know you love and care for me. My focus is on you and your Son Jesus and his precious blood and Holy Spirit.

More of you…

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