Having physical limitations before I was injured at work back in September I struggled with what things I can’t do. These limitations have often been a source of frustration for me. Mainly because there was so much more that I could once do. Now my what my body is able do and not able to do limits me from what type of jobs I can do, and how many hours I am able to work in a day. This in turn effects my finances which is another sore subject for me. I have not been able to work since September 1st because I was hurt doing my job. It has take three months just to get partial use of my right arm back and I am still unable to drive, and even clean mu home. I am a grown woman who has literally been grounded, I have even limited my computer time because it is painful to type and get tired of doing the left handed peck. It is nice to finally not have to wear the arm brace all the time, but I miss being able to do simple little things and not that I have gotten great at using my left hand it has become calloused from being used to do things I normally do with my right hand. Now to get on to the real point of this post, and that is there are things were are not able to do for what ever reason they may be, we literally can’t do certain things.

Now there are things that we can do but we do not want to for various reasons, and so we tell others we can’t, when it is really that we won’t. Maybe because it is an inconvenience, or maybe because the person asking has done something you do not agree with. Maybe there is a game or show you really don’t want to miss so the timing is bad for you. I can go on and on with reasons we won’t do something for another, and some of those reasons are good ones. It is how ever not something you are not capable of doing. It is that you won’t.

Can I fly? No since I am not a bird and do not have wings, but I can get on a plane. So if I buy a ticket and board a plane I can fly to where the plane is going. Now if I do not have the money to buy the ticket than I can’t get on the plane. Now do I want to fly to where the plane is going? If it is a place that does not interest me and I don’t want to then I do not have to buy the ticket because that is a trip I won’t be taking. This is my choice. I have the money but do not want to go, so I choose to stay home.

When my Mom died not only was I dealing with the pain of losing her, I did not have money to make the trip for her funeral, yet my church learned of this and they funded the trip, so I was able to go. I did not have the ability to make the trip on my own but they made it possible. They could have not offered and I would have missed her funeral, but they were more than happy to help me in my time of need. They made a way for me and helped me through a painful period in my life. They were able to help and they did.

This brings me to someone who did not have to do anything for the people who hated Him. Who lived according to their own way, and who rejected Him. God did not have to send us His Son Jesus, and Jesus did not have to go. They chose to love and Jesus gave His life for a world filled with sinners and had not even repented. God could have wiped out this earth and started over but did not. He created us and loved us even though we have caused Him so much pain. Jesus knew what He was coming to this earth to do and why. Still He came suffered and died to pay a price He did not have to. Even while praying He asked His Father if there was any other way that this cup He would drink from could pass from Him, but He said not His will but His Father’s be done. (I know I did not write His prayer exactly as it was written, but you get the point) Jesus did not say ‘I won’t do this for them, look at how they have treated me’. He did what He had taught, and showed there was no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for another. He did what no other could do and paid the debt for all of our sins.

I thank God everyday that He did not say I can’t do that, or I won’t do that. He just loved us as we were and hoped that we would receive Him. So do not think that Jesus can’t save you, He already did. It is up to you to make a choice to repent, and do not say that you can’t, because the hard part was done for you. Please don’t say you won’t, because it will hurt more than you think.

8 thoughts on “Can’t or Won’t

  1. Just prayed for you reading this. 2020 sounds like a very heavy year with so many rough things going on for you Julie (I believe your mom passed away this year too?). I’m sorry to hear all of that. =(

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    1. Thank you for your prayers. My Mom Keiko died 8 years ago the woman I lost this year was like my adopted mom, this will be the first Christmas without her, her name is Mary. Life has had it’s hardships for all of us in one way or another, I am just thankful that Jesus is with us through it all.

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