Notes for a message on love Dec. 15, 2020

I have been asked to help prepare a sermon on love. Normally I would keep my notes on any lesson that I was going to teach on to myself and then present the lesson when it was finished in the classroom. Since I am not a pastor/preacher and do not feel called to this position feel lead to share my personal notes and hope for feedback from those who are. I do feel called to be an armor bearer, a support to the leadership role of the pastor. So being asked to help in preparing a sermon can be a task that I can be requested of, and I am happy to do. I also know the accountability I have in doing this is important and do not want to present any wrong thoughts or teachings. So I will share my notes here and welcome any insight or corrections any of you who are pastors and would like to share your insights. My notes here will not list all of the scriptures I was given on this subject because that list is extensive, but would love to hear any scriptures you may suggest as well. These are just notes and not the message but I hope they speak to you.

Today’s notes:

The purpose of this is for the pastor to take the teachings taught by teachers on the subject of God’s love and transform them into a message that not only penetrates the mind, but transforms the heart with the Love Of God, and with His Word, Who is Jesus Christ, The Word made flesh.
Comparison – God is Love, Jesus His Son is that love made flesh – Teachings and knowledge of God is in our minds, We know God is love but that knowledge has only been stored in our minds. (remember that even the demons knew who Jesus is, and they had to obey Him when He cast them out of the demon possesed man. They Knew Him, but they did not love Him. Matthew 8:28-34, Luke 8:26-37)
So my question to myself is this, ‘How do I take the lessons/teachings I have learned, and taught into a message/sermon that can penetrate and transform the hearts of the listener of this message?It is not my teachings, or even the lessons that I have learned but it is what His Word has taught me, and how He has been transforming me through His love and His Word that needs to be expressed. For I am only the clay and He is the Potter. He is taking this lump of mud and transforming me into His creation, not something the world has made on some assembly line, but a work of a true craftsman. Remember, while Jesus was on this earth, he was also known as a carpenter, before people came to know him as The Messiah.

3 thoughts on “Notes for a message on love Dec. 15, 2020

  1. First, thank you for your likes on my last two posts: C.O.V.I.D. and Obey Man or Obey God? Believe it or not, your sermon preparation is the heart of my lesson on obedience. It answers the question: Who do you love? It should be a foregone conclusion that we Christians love God, but we’ve been told that loving man is how we love God. That is only half of the truth. All love begins with God and He showed how He loves us in John 3: 16. Jesus Christ Himself answers how we show our love to Him in John 14: 15 and 23. Then by keeping His commandments, Jesus promises that we will abide in His love in John 15: 10. This is how we display the love of God, and it is summed up also in one verse, 1 John 5: 3. I know you will do a great job because you love God and your service to Him by preparing this sermon will help build your church, your relationship with your pastor, and your relationship with God by listening to the Holy Spirit. God wants you to succeed and my prayers for your success in this sermon are with you. God Bless You, Pastor Rick.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I truly appreciate your words of both edification and encouragement. Your posts are informative and speak of truth and His Word. The preparation work on the sermon on love is actually for another pastor who I had not met but was referred to me, and for someone I have not met I feel blessed to work with. It is amazing how God works to those who not only listen but obey His instructions. I look forward to reading more of your posts as I continue work on this subject. I have previously prepared lessons on love, and even have a series based on 1 Corinthians 13, but lessons and sermons may seem the same but are different, so I welcome this challenge. God bless and protect you.

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