Notes on message on love/personal thought on love

What is love? When love is mentioned we think about the emotion we call love. Emotions however are unstable, they can be tossed around like a small boat in the ocean. Ups and downs, they come and go. If you say a person is emotional you may also be calling them unstable. So again I ask, what is love? Christian rap group DC Talk have a song titled love is a verb.

If we look at love as only a verb then we say it is an action. Something that is performed. Is that all love is?
No! Love is so much more, it is not just a fleeting emotion, or an action. So again I pose the question what is love?
Love is alive, and is a being greater than any person on earth. God is Love, His Spirit is Love, His Son Jesus is Love. Everything God has done has been out of love.
What else can we say love is?
What do you say love is?

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