Notes on message of love/ just a thought Dec 29, 2020

For the last few weeks I have been sharing my notes on preparing a message on love, that I have been working on helping a minister back in California. Sitting here today I have had many thoughts. First, here I am working with a person I had never met but God has brought us together to work on this project together. Which on its own shows how God’s love brings us together. Uniting strangers. The second is that it shows how there is no distance God’s love can’t reach. This reminds of how God’s love covers a multitude of sins. Preparing this message is also a reminder of the greatness of His love and how it is something that cannot be measured, and how His love overflows because there is nothing that can contain it. It is amazing, overwhelming and cannot be put into any container because it is bigger than all of us put together. At the same thing that joins us together. He is so wonderful and all consuming. His love is never ending. Isn’t that the greatest news you could hear? God bless you and your loved ones, with His love, peace and joy.

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