The more notes I make on this message on love the more I am seeing a need to make the first message/sermon an introduction. We all have our thoughts and opinions on love, and we know who God is, but do we know Him? So I here is my second attempt, and I hope that you will share your thoughts, insights, and even any corrections you think I need to make.


I have a question for all of us. When you hear the word love, what is the first thing that you think of?

If you would please write down your answer.

How many of you wrote down God? Did you answer your husband/wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend? Did your mother, father, or child come to mind?

These are all good answers. A husband loves his wife and vice versa. A parent loves their child and the child loves their parents. Relationships are usually based on love. But what is loves? Where does love come from? I would like to introduce you to Love.

Today we form relationships that do not last. Relationships built on sand with an expiration date. Yet real love is true and eternal, because God is eternal and His love is eternal. To know Love we need to know God.

Scripture tells us that God is our Heavenly Father. He created Adam out of the dust, and breathed life into him.(Genesis 2) Then He created Eve from Adam’s rib. He is also known to be our husband and Maker.(Isaiah 54:5-8). So we can see here the relationship between husband and wife, and the relationship of parent and child and how these relationships can teach us about the relationship with God and how they are all founded in love. The husband and wife relationship teaches us how two become one, and how we are to be one with God. Then that love produces a child or children, fruits of love. Love continues to grow and more fruit is produced. For this love to grow it needs to remain pure, and undefiled. How can we do this? He gave us us His commandments to keep us safe. There are two commandments that relate directly to relationships. Honor your mother and father, and do no commit adultery.(Exodus 20) Committing adultery is cheating on more than your spouse, but cheating on God. Honoring our parents, honors God. Keeping His commands keep us from being separated from Him.

In marriage the two have become one. The husband and wife become one flesh, leaving their old lives behind. As a bride of Christ, we leave behind the person we were and become a new creation in Christ. He chose us, but we also have to choose Him, and choose to leave our old self behind. Love is not selfish and gives all that it has.(1Corinthians 13) It is a choice we make over and over, everyday.

Do you remember the slogan ‘Choose Life”? Today let us choose love. ‘Choose Love, Choose Life’. You can technically live without love, but I say that life is not more than a mere existence. The word love is is used in many ways. People can say I love you, as easily they say hello. When God said He loved us, He proved it through His Son. For their is no greater love than a man lay down his life for another, and what greater man has there ever been? Jesus Christ, Son of God, gave up His life to save all of us.

Let us get to know this love by getting to know the One has loved us long before we ever knew Him.

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