You: The Most Expensive And Precious

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

How much one is willing to pay, determines the value.  Jesus, God’s one and only Son, came from Heaven to live as a man and pay the price for our redemption, with his life. He paid the price to redeem us from our sins, shame, iniquity, pain, curses, and sicknesses. Our Creator lay down his life because of the value he gives us. Our God and Redeemer, Everlasting Father, King of kings, and God with us, paid the most expensive price for us.

Rejoice in how precious and valuable you are to Abba God!

Yet he was the one who carried our
and endured the torment of our sufferings.
We viewed him as one who was being punished
for something he himself had done,
as one who was struck down by God and brought low.
But it was because of our rebellious deeds that he was pierced

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