God Is Concerned About You

Overcoming The Times

God is concerned about each of us, for it was He who has brought each “born again” believer out of the kingdom of darkness and into His kingdom of Light.

We were in bondage. Yes, we were once slaves to sin. But God allowed His Son, Jesus, to come; And now, all we need do is come to God with a repentant and contrite heart, and our Heavenly Father is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins.

Sin is a terrible monster. It keeps men and women separated from God. Sin causes people to do everything that is contrary to God. Sin may feel good or taste sweet in the beginning, but later on down the road, there will be some harsh and bitter consequences. The Word of God lets us know that when sin is conceived it bringeth forth death.

Now we know all of the havoc…

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