Tears in God’s Bottle

The Bible Through the Seasons

With David as his inspiration, the writer of this psalm makes prayer the very first thing on the day’s agenda. When David used his slingshot to kill Goliath, David new beforehand that it was going to strike Goliath. This was because David first connected his heart to God in prayer so that the connection of his hand and eye would go straight to Goliath’s head.

In today’s psalm the writer has much more than one giant towering over him. He is tormented by many enemies that press against him in all kinds of ways. By praying first, terror gives way to peace and confidence that God’s power would win out in the end.

I love verse 8: “Put my tears into Your bottle.” Each one of our teardrops is precious to God who gathers them together so that they would not be lost. When you are hurting and feel alone…

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