Daddy God’s Letter Of Love To You

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

My Dear Dearest Child,

My love cradles and sustains you. Your image, reflects me and you are my delight. I hold you close, to my heart. My cherished child, you are my precious treasure and I love you. My eyes sparkle, with joyful, loving acceptance, of your uniqueness and beauty.

Enjoy my cuddling and holding you close, for I will never, no never, stop loving you. My relentless love, for you, is not dependent, on your performance, but on who I am. Child, you are the apple of my eye. I lavish my loving approval, on you. Know that nothing can separate you, from my magnificent, heart-stopping love, for you. Rest and receive all of my love!

Love you more than you will ever know,

Daddy God

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