As I have dived deeper into the message on love, I have looked to other languages to see how they say the word love. In Japanese the word love is ai meaning love and affection. It is not the word used for romance or passion. The most interesting thing I found while looking at how to write this word of love is that it takes thirteen strokes to write the kanji character Ai.

My attempt at writing this kanji.

That made me think of one of my favorite chapters in the Bible 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter on love. For those who are superstitious the number 13 is an unlucky number, but to me it is a number that spells love. When ever I question myself if a thought or action is right with God, I take it to this chapter. If it is what the words in this chapter says love is then I know I am in alignment with the Word of God and if it is not, then I know to take corrective actions. Thirteen strokes also made me think of the stripes Jesus took upon His body before He was crucified. Thirty nine stripes He took that day, okay that was definitely more than thirteen. He spent three days in the grave, rising on the third day. three times thirteen is thirty nine. These are just my thoughts, but ever since I realized that the number thirteen can be related to the Love of Jesus the kanji character really stuck out to me.

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