Next / my next art project

Since I finally finished my last piece, I have begun work on my next painting. It is going with the color scheme of the last painting title Oujo Senshi(warrior Princess) which will be making her way to her home soon. The friend who asked for me to paint her had asked for three paintings for her new home, only requesting the colors be red, white and grey and be Asian influenced. Due to injuring my shoulder last September she took longer than I had wanted, and even though I my shoulder is still being treated and I am now seeing an orthopedic specialist, I am doing the best I can to use my arm as much as possible. So here is my next painting which I have titled, God is Love. It too is a work in progress. I will post the finished work when it is done. Like how God keep working on molding us into His image, the work continues.

God is Love Art by Julie Sheppard

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