Reality (Fact or Fiction)

What is reality? Is it real? To be honest with you AI am not so sure. Reality T.V. is abundant, covering all areas of life, but to me it isn’t real. It is just a way for someone to make money off of people behaving badly. You don’t need to have talent to be famous these days. So what is real? Is reality real or a work of fiction? I look around the world today and see that people can say whatever they want and say it is true, even when it is definitely not. Fact, fiction, truth or lies, seem to have no true meaning anymore. I have looked back on my own life and wondered how much of it is true. Have I just been living in some dream or at times it is more likely to say a nightmare?  Once upon a time, you could read a newspaper and it would actually have real facts. Journalists were accountable for what they wrote; you could trust the majority of what you read. Now even the news isn’t real. It is opinions, and temper tantrums, or exploitation of people’s private lives that is none of our business.

So once again I ask the question what is real? There is only one answer for me, and that is Jesus is the Son of God, who is my Heavenly Father, Creator, the Great I Am. Jesus paid the price for my sins dying on a cross and rose on the third day to give me life. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He has gone to prepare a place to take me home to. He has given me His Holy Spirit to be my Helper and Comforter. I have hope because of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that no matter how bad this life gets, and no matter what happens that I am going to be okay because He is never going to leave me and that His love I can always count on because it is the ONLY real thing to me in this world.

These are my thoughts. God bless and keep you, in Jesus name.

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