Absent Me

I have not been on here for a while. Still out on workers comp. Thankful that the specialist is having my first of three procedures done this coming week. Being stuck home with limited use of my arm has been challenging and the isolation has not helped. Thankfully God understands my frustrations, and is patient with me. I did finally finish the paintings that was commissioned and have been asked for a third painting. Thankfully they understand my current circumstances and said to take my time. They loved the two paintings I had done for them and the best compliment I have ever received is they told me they felt the anointing. I have also been inspired to start a new writing project. A book on prayer for those who don’t want to pray or think they can’t. It is not for the religious and I will probably get criticized, but it is for those who are hurting or so angry they don’t want to pray because they are afraid if they open their mouths, that what will come out God will not like. It will not be a lengthy book. It will be more like a booklet. My computer time is limited because of the pain and limited use of my arm, but I am finding comfort in doing something. There of course has been a major increase in prayer time since I have not been able to sleep very much. So another positive use of time. After the procedure this week I will be laid up for recuperation time but hopefully that will only be a few days. It will not give me use of my arm back but it will help stop the constant pain and then the doctor will be able to go on to the next step. So I may be absent for a while longer but will be back soon.

God bless and prosper you and your loved ones.

11 thoughts on “Absent Me

  1. Perhaps Jehovah is using this time to help you spend more time with Him.
    I know your frustration because I have been through it oh so many times. Each of those times was spent getting closer to our Heavenly Beloved.

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  2. Sorry you have to face these challenges. May our heavenly Father’s grace prove to be your strength during it all. And your book sounds interesting and should fill a real need.


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