25. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear David (regarding Saul)

Dear David,

     You are My dearly loved. You were victorious over Goliath and you defeated him as I said you would. Now you are a married man. Your wife Michal does love you. Saul does not, and he is seeking you to take your life. You must go into hiding. Saul is not the man he once was and has turned away from Me. He is jealous of you because of your victories in battle and that his son and the people love you. He is also jealous because he lost the favor you now have. His anger towards you grows because he knows you have My favor. I must warn you that while you are playing music to soothe him, that he will take his spear and try to kill you. He will miss and the spear will go into the wall.

     Saul will make you a captain in his army. You will do your job well and behave with wisdom that I will give to you. He will see that you are a good man and soldier. He will hear the praises of the people for you and he will grow more jealous. The reason that he gave his daughter Michal to be your wife was because he learned that she loves you. He will use this as a way to plan your death. He will not ask for a dowry, but instead he will ask for you a hundred foreskins of the Philistines. He is hoping that you will die in battle. Do not fear for you will defeat 200 Philistines doubling what was requested of you. Then you will marry Michal.

     When Jonathan learns of his father’s plans to kill you, he will come to warn you of his father’s plan. Listen to him and do what he says. He is a true friend and he will not betray you. He will speak to his father and tell Saul that he is wrong to harm you in any way since you had done nothing to wrong him. This will calm Saul for a while, and he will not harm you for a short time. However when the next battle does come with the Philistines, he will once again seek to kill you. You will be playing music and he will take his spear to kill you for the second time. He will fail and you will have to escape and go into hiding again. Your wife Michal will help you, and you will then find Samuel in Ramah. You will tell him of what Saul has done, and there will be prophets who will speak to Saul’s messengers who will come for you. They will be truthful and say yes you are with Samuel in Naioth in Ramah. I will be with you. So do not be afraid for your life.

     You will leave Naioth, and find Jonathan. You will talk and make plans to see if Saul still wants you dead. Your friend will be faithful to you. He will see the rage in his father’s eyes against you. Saul will throw the javelin at Jonathan. This will confirm to him that his father truly wants you dead. He will warn you and you will have to go flee. You will have four hundred men with you and I will keep you safe from harm.

     Remember My words to you and I will write again soon to tell you more. For now do as you are instructed and you will live. I am always with you.


Your God


1 Samuel 17:41-51

1 Samuel chapters 18 – 20

24. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible)Dear David (Regarding Goliath)

Dear David,

(Facing Goliath)

     My boy, listen carefully to my instructions for you. There in the Valley of Elah, three of your brothers are serving King Saul in his army. They are gathered there to battle with the Philistines. Your father Jesse will ask for you to take food and supplies to them. This you will do because you love your brothers and you serve your father faithfully.

     When you arrive you will find Saul distressed, because his army is being taunted by a giant from Gath, named Goliath. You may be young and smaller than the soldiers in Saul’s army but your strength comes from Me. You will rise to the challenge and face this giant. There will be those who will say that you are not able to do this, that it is only your pride that causes you to say that you can.

     You will not turn away, and you will tell them that you fought with a bear and lion and did kill them to protect your fathers’ sheep. This giant Goliath defies the armies of the Living God must be treated in the same manner. God kept me from the paws of the lion and the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.

     Saul will then offer his armor to you, but you will not need the protection of man, for I will protect you. You will take your sling shot and five smooth stones from the creek. Then you will go to where Goliath is. He will taunt you and try to discourage you.

     Do not be afraid and put your faith in Me. You will stand and say this, “You have your weapons, but I come in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, who you defy. Today He will deliver you into my hand and I will defeat you and take your head. Then all will know that the Lord does not save with the sword and spear, for the battle is the Lord, and He will give you to our hands.”

     You will strike with the stone and he will fall. Then you will take his sword and cut off his head. When the Philistines see this they will flee. This battle is the first of many that you will face in your life. This is My instruction for you today.  Listen to My words and obey I will give you this victory. I love you dearly.


Your God, the God of Israel


1 Samuel chapter 17

23. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah,

     You are a faithful and devoted woman. You are properly named for you are favored. I love you, and love that you never gave up. You wanted so much to have a child. You did not give up, your prayers never ceased. You prayed when others ridiculed you, and when some even said that you were drunk. You believed in Me, and you knew in your heart that I would answer you. You told me that if I gave you a child that you would give the child back to Me and that this child would live to serve Me.

      I have answered your prayers and you have been blessed with a son. You have named him Samuel, and you did as you said you would. You gave him back to Me. He was raised to serve Me and not in your home. You kept your word to Me and I know it was hard to give up a child that you had wanted for so very long. Your song of praise to Me I hold dear in My heart.

     Samuel is your blessing and he will do great things. Your heart of obedience is within him and he will serve with honor. I have a purpose for his life that will bless many. He will glorify Me with His life, and his service to the kingdom of Heaven.

     You are a very special woman and you are always in My heart. Your trust and faith in Me has brought Me great joy, and I love you.


Your Abba Father


1 Samuel chapters 1-3

22. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Ruth

Dear Ruth,

     Your love and devotion has been seen. For I see your heart and what is truly inside of you. You married into a family that was not like your own. They came from a foreign land and have only one God. I Am their God. You made your husband’s’ mother your own. You made their God, your God. I Am the One you now serve. When your husband died, you did not lose your faith in Me. You stayed loyal to Naomi. Even when she released you, and tried to send you back to your family, you refused to go. You stayed with her and left your own family and the only place you had ever known. Travelling with Naomi to the land of her youth you left your home. She had nothing to offer you, and yet you served her faithfully. This showed Me that your love is true.

     You immediately went to work to take care of not only your needs, but the needs as Naomi as well. You worked the fields gleaning after others, and brought her what you could gather. You listened and obeyed her instructions. Through your obedience you entered the path to your redemption. The field you chose to work belongs to a relative of Naomi’s. You did not know this.

     The first time he saw you working in the field he noticed you. He asked who you were and he was told that you are Naomi’s daughter in-law the Moabite and that you were both now widows He made sure that not only were you protected but as the harvesters gathered that they left a little extra grain for you to gather. When you returned that day You brought Naomi great joy. She told her about this family member and what you should do. You listened and did what she instructed you to do.

     What you had to do did mean you had to risk your life. Naomi instructed you to wait for Boaz to find a place to sleep, for there was a festival celebrating the harvest. When he became tired he laid down and fell asleep. You then uncovered his feet and laid down covering them with the bottom of your dress. When he woke up and found you he did not turn you away. He however had to send you back to Naomi till he could redeem you from another relative first. He knew how to deal with him and he then was able to marry you. Now you are now adopted into my family of Israel. Through your love and devotion others will be blessed. I love you for the woman you are, and I am happy to call you My own. May the rest of your life be blessed.


Your Heavenly Father and God


The book of Ruth

21. Letters from God (ficional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Naomi

Dear Naomi,

     Your life has not been easy. Your husband moved you and your family to Moab from Bethlehem. With you came your two sons Mahlon and Chilion. You did this because there was famine in your homeland. You left family and friends, and were living in a strange land. Then Your husband Elimech died, leaving you with just your sons. They then married Orpah and Ruth. Then both sons died as well.

     So there you were a widow with no sons. You released your daughter in-laws to return to their own families. Then you decided to return to the home you left behind. Orpah and Ruth cried to stay with you. Yet you said you had nothing to offer them and pleaded for them to return to their families. Orpah did as you had requested, but Ruth refused to leave you and she chose to stay with you. She truly loves you.

     The two of you travelled back to Bethlehem. When you returned your home was in poor shape and you had nothing. You sent Ruth to glean in the fields after the other servants had harvested. She brought all she could gather to you. She could have returned home but she stayed loyal to you, and cared for you the best that she could. She chose to be with you and chose for Me to be her God because of what she sees in you.

     You are a woman who is deeply loved. I will bless you and Ruth for you are two women who are worth more than all the jewels of the land. You will instruct Ruth in what she shall do, and she will obey your words. You have a relative who will take you and Ruth in to his family. When you learn that she had been working in the field of Boaz, you will ask Ruth to return the next day to his fields. He will then see her as she works in the field and he will give her favor. He is not the first relative that will have a right to her, but I will give him favor in the eyes of the law. Instruct Ruth in what she is to do, and be redeemed and be blessed. I love you,


Your God


The book of Ruth

20. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Deborah

My Dear Deborah,

     Let no man ever say a woman cannot lead for she does not have the strength or the intelligence. For you my daughter are proof that that is not true. I created both man and woman. Both are good.

     You are a prophetess married to Lapidoth I made you judge over Israel during the time Jabin was king of Canaan. You did not seek this position; it was I that chose you. You judged with fairness and with wisdom. You lived in the mount of Ephraim and sat beneath a palm tree where the children of Israel came to you for judgment. There were those who criticized you, but you did not let their way of thinking effect you, or how you conducted yourself.

     You lived according to My will. Seeking to please me and not trying to win the approval of men. You are not afraid to battle and took your place on the battlefield. Then you lead an army on to victory. You dear woman are strong and courageous. You bring joy and pride to my heart when I look upon you. You are an inspiration to future women who do not believe in themselves, just because they are a woman.

     They can learn of you and know that being a woman does not make them worthless, and weak. They can find courage and take their place in the battle for my Kingdom. Thank you for your obedience and faith. I love you My child.


El Shaddai


Judges chapter 4 & 5

19. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Rahab

Dear Rahab,

     The world has only known you as a prostitute, but you know of the wonders, and miracles I have done for my people and you acknowledge that I Am the One True God who does mighty things. You know the destruction your people face. When the spies whom Joshua will send into your land come, you will welcome them into your home.

     When your king’s guard comes searching for them you will hide and protect them. You will tell the guard that the men had already left before the gates were closed. You will then go to the spies and instruct them in which way they shall escape. They will then reward you. You and your family will not come to harm when My army comes to take your city.

     A scarlet cord will hang from your window letting my men know where you are and they will not harm you, or your family. I want to thank you that even though you were not born of my chosen people you have received Me by receiving the men I chose to have Joshua send into the city you live in. You know Me and believe in Me, and you have served Me well, by risking the safety of not only yourself but your family.

     You shall live and be blessed, and become a part of My people because You chose Me above those you had belonged to. I will be your God and you will be My child.

With My love and gratitude,

The Lord God Almighty


Joshua Chapter 2

17.Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible)Dear Shiphrah and Puah

Dear Shiphrah and Puah,

     You are My faithful and loving midwives. My children are slaves yet Pharaoh is still afraid of my people multiplying, and has commanded that you to take the lives of every Hebrew male as they are born. Yet you have not done as you were ordered to do.

     You chose to be faithful to Me and My commands, and you did not kill these newborn babies. So you used wisdom and told Pharaoh that the women had delivered faster than you could arrive. Through your actions, you have saved the lives of many children, and also kept their mothers from suffering the loss of a child.

     I will reward you both, for you have protected my little ones. You are blessed with your own households and you shall always be remembered for you did that which is right, even though you risked your own lives.      Your love for Me has blessed my people and many still have their children thanks to your faithful obedience to Me rather than listening to Pharaoh. If others would live by your example they too will be blessed. You know that it is better to please God than it is to please man.

Love Your,

Lord God Almighty



Exodus 1:12-20

9.Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Rebekah

Dear Rebekah,

     You are My precious daughter. Thank you for your obedient heart. You served a stranger without wanting anything in return. You did not know his purpose for his travels but you cared not only for his needs but for the animals in his care. Then you opened up your home to bring him comfort and rest. You did not know that he came in search of a bride for his master’s son. You served him from your heart.

     Your family welcomed him and set a meal before him. Yet he waited to take care of his own needs until he made the request for you to come home with him to be the bride of Isaac. Your family said for him to return home and that the answer would be sent to him. You were given time to make your decision. You did not hesitate but answered that you would go and leave your family to be Isaac’s bride. You could have said no but you said yes and became a wife to a man you had not yet met. Your trust in my will for your life has blessed you. You became a wife and then a mother. Thank you for choosing this path and following Me. Be blessed my beautiful daughter.

All of my love,

Your Abba Father



Genesis 24

Vows and Promises (keeping your word) Deuteronomy 23:21-23

We need to take care what we speak. Especially when we make a vow. When promising anything to God or in His name we have made a covenant which we should take care to never break. In society today people enter into marriage making vows they do not expect to keep. They even sign Prenuptial Agreements before saying there ‘I do’s’ meaning that they are really saying I don’t. What they are really saying is, ‘I promise to be with you as long as I feel like you are doing what I want you to do, but the second you make one mistake I am out of here.’  People are known not to keep their word. They may think they mean what they say at the time they say they will do something, but the moment an excuse comes they use that excuse to get out of what they said. Justifying to themselves a reason to break their word, without feeling accountable for breaking their promise. Unfortunately people tend to do the same thing with their relationship with Jesus. They make a commitment to Him and then break it when things get too hard. Then we say I believe in God, but then we do not obey His word. (James 2:19 You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder! / Mark 1:23-24 While Jesus was in the synagogue, a man was there that had an evil spirit {from the devil} inside him. The man shouted, “Jesus of Nazareth! What do you want with us? Did you come to destroy us? I know who you are—God’s Holy One!” (ERV)) Our word becomes empty without worth when we can not be trusted to keep our word.

Deuteronomy 23:21-23  “When you make a vow to the LORD your God, you shall not delay to pay it, for it would be sin in you, and the LORD your God will surely require it of you. “However, if you refrain from vowing, it would not be sin in you. “You shall be careful to perform what goes out from your lips, just as you have voluntarily vowed to the LORD your God, what you have promised.

Thankfully God is not like man. When God makes a promise He keeps it! You can trust God will do what He says He will do.

Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? 

God is faithful and His word is truth. People will fail you. They will lie to you. They will walk out on you. This list goes on, but trust in God and he will never leave or forsake you. He is always with you if you let Him in to your heart and to your life. That is why marriage is so important to Him. He calls the church His Bride. We are His church not a building, but you and me became His Bride the moment we confessed Jesus as our Savior and repented of our sins. He is the faithful husband. Unfortunately even when we accept Jesus into our lives we become unfaithful like Hosea’s wife Gomer. We look at the world and get distracted. Then once we are distracted we get off course and walk away from the One who is faithful to the one who deceives. Thankfully God is faithful and forgiving. He shows us mercy and love no matter how many times we break His heart. (‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ John 3:16)

So be careful about making promises or vows. This is not only for marriage vows, but if you say you are going to do something do it. Don’t make excuses when you don’t, but be accountable when you do break your word. Maybe if we dealt more with the consequence of our broken word, we would be less likely to make promises we don’t intend to keep.