20. Dear Abel (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Abel,

     You are the second child of Adam and Eve. You are also my child. I love you my son. You are obedient and faithful to Me. You made a proper offering to me. You worked tending to the flock and you offered the best that you have raised.

     Your brother was jealous of your offering and became angry with you because I did not accept his offering. You showed him concern when you saw that he was not happy. He then asked you to go to the field with him where he killed you. His action came as a great surprise to you because you were his brother and you loved him.

     I love you and you are now with me.  I know you miss your mother and father. I will care for them and they will be blessed with a son. They will name him Seth. He is not you, but he will be their child and I will comfort them.

    Do not be afraid for Cain. I will place a mark on him to warn others not to take his life. He will not have an easy life, but he will live with the consequences of his actions. Live in peace with Me my child and know My love.


 Your Heavenly Father



Genesis Chpt. 4

18. Dear Son (Letters from God Volume II)

My Dear Son,

    The journey you are about to leave for will be one that I wish You did not had to make. I do not wish to be separated from you for even the shortest period of time. For We are One and the same, but it is You that will leave Our home. This is so that You can do what must be done so that Our creation can be redeemed. This love of Yours for these lost ones I share with You. Yet it does not change what it does to my heart to know what You will endure while living there. It pains me to know that there will be many who will not believe in You, and worse than that, they will reject and mock You. You will not be understood. You will suffer abuse like no other ever has. The weight of sin and suffering of the entire existence of man will be carried alone by You. I am so proud of You, for doing this when You do not have to. Yet while You do know what will happen to You, this knowledge has not stopped You from making the choice to take the sins of man upon yourself. So that man can be saved from death and himself.

   We know that there will be many who will not believe that You are my Son for many reasons. Your entrance into their lives will be a humble one. You will be born to a woman that I have chosen. She is young and has not been with any man. The man who will be her husband is a carpenter and a good man. At first the news of her being with child will cause him to want to send her away. Yet I will send a messenger to him and he will marry her and be a father to You on earth as men know fathers to be. They are still a far way off from completely understanding me to be their Father even though they do sometimes call me Father. The time will come when You will leave their home and do that which You have been sent to do. When You speak, it will be with authority. You will walk to most places, and travel by fishing boats to other. You will not carry earthly possessions. When You do ride an animal it will not be a beautiful horse on but on a donkey. You will live a simple life among these men and women. You are Love and forgiveness made into flesh.

   Though there will be those who will deny You, there will be a day when all will know who You are and what You have done for them, and why You chose to do this most painful, yet most precious act for them. Now you know that there is the group of men we have chosen, who will come to know You better than their own brother. They will leave their homes, families and jobs to follow You.

     Your presence in their life will bring about a great change, and give them hope and purpose to their lives. You already know that they will stumble and be afraid when their doubts surface. But the Spirit will be released to them through you. They will call You teacher, and Savior. You will be the friend and brother that they never knew they could have. You will feed thousands with little, and heal them from blindness, not only of what they cannot see physically but what their hearts and minds cannot. When You open their eyes, they will weep tears of joy and humility. For You will heal both their bodies and their broken spirits. You will deliver them from their sin. They will learn everything that they need to live from You.

   You will restore to Us that which was stolen by the one who We had to cast out. He will be coming against You from the moment You are made flesh. He will do everything to destroy You, for he hates You. His hate is almost as great as Our Love. Yet I know that there is nothing to fear concerning this for We both know what the outcome will be.      

     However My Son there is no parent who would ever want to allow what You will suffer to happen to their child. They would rather suffer themselves to keep it from their child from hurting. Yet I cannot do that. For this act only You can perform. I Love You, and I will send to You the Helper, and the one who will announce Your coming is already there waiting for You. Now it is my turn to wait for You to return to Me. You will do this when Your task is done. How glorious is Your love and mercy. You are My Lamb, and You are My Lion. I will be with You in Spirit. You are My Son.



Your Father






Acts Chapter 1

17.Dear Thief (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Thief on the cross,

    Did anyone in the crowd know your name? Did they even care that you were there, hanging by my Son? Does it matter to you?  I want you to know that as you were there beside my Son, admitting your own guilt I cried for you. You looked at my Son and you knew Him for who He really was. You did not meet until that painful moment. Yet you defended Him.

   What did it feel like when He looked and spoke to you? Were the tears you cried from the pain of the cross or were they tears of joy. As He has received you, I also have received you. You were forgiven as soon as He spoke to you. Everything in your past is now gone. I loved you then and I love you more now. You are my precious child. Your sins were washed from you with His blood.

   Yet unlike some who do not know the physical pain of the cross you know that pain just as My Son does. You dear child are now an example to those who now live amongst men that no matter what you have done it is never too late as long as there is breath in you, and that you confess My Son to be your Savior, you are saved. Your sins are forgotten and My Love then takes its’ place.  Thank you, My child for believing in me.



    Your Heavenly Father




Luke 23:32-43

16. Dear Thomas (Letters from God Volume II)

 Dear Thomas,

     Do you know how much I love you? My dear friend your doubts do nothing for you. You love me, but you trust very little. You are faithful in spite of your fears. You knew that travelling to Judea would be dangerous that there were those who wanted me dead there. You were still willing to go, but your attitude was that we would die. Your fears have kept you in bondage.

     When I appeared to the other disciples, you did not believe them when they had told you about my visit. You said unless you touched the scars in my hands, you would not believe that I was alive. How can you believe in me and still doubt when you were with me as I walked among the people.

     You were with Peter and the other disciples fishing in the Sea of Galilee and I appeared to you again and you did not recognize me. You heard firsthand the words I spoke to the multitudes. You witnessed people being healed. Souls were saved yet still you still doubted that I am alive. I am thankful that there are people, who have never walked with me, and saw Me with their own eyes or heard me speak, yet they will believe in Me, and they will share their belief.

     They believe without seeing or touching, you believed because you saw me and touched me. You wanted physical proof and I gave it to you. I love you and I always will. I want you to learn to trust in Me completely without fear or doubt, and let your faith grow. I am with you always even when you do not see me and I have returned to My Father, My Spirit will dwell in you. Believe, trust and have faith. I am coming back for you. Do not doubt that!


Your Savior Jesus



Matt 10:3 / Mark3:18 / Luke 6:15

John 11:11-16 / John 20:19-29

John 21:1-14

14. Dear Abigail (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Abigail,

     You are a loving and faithful woman. Your husband was truly a fool not to recognize how blessed he was to have you for a wife. How brave it was of you to approach King David. You also used wisdom because you brought food and provisions for him and his men. You knew your husband was wrong but you petitioned for his life and kept David from shedding his blood as David had planned on doing. For your husband had been more than disrespectful to David and his men. He was known to be a cruel man and you being his wife knew this. Yet you did not waste one moment when you received the news of what your husband had done. You took two hundred loaves of bread; two skins of wine, five sheep already dressed, five seahs of roasted grain, one hundred clusters of raisins, and two hundred cakes of figs, and loaded them on donkeys. You sent all this with your servant to David and then came yourself to plead for your husband.

    David heard your plea and called your words blessed. David received your words and your gifts, and left Nabal to be dealt with by Me alone. When you shared this story with your husband his heart turned to stone, then ten days later I struck him down. When David heard that your husband was dead he sent for you and made you his wife. I bless you my sweet woman, and I am with you always.


 your Heavenly Father


1Samuel Chapter 25

13. Dear Saul (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Saul,

      Why have you have made it your mission to destroy Me and My children.  We were once so very close and you loved me.  Now you persecute Me.  Somewhere deep in your heart hides a memory of the love we shared.  As a young boy you saw me clearly.  Then as time passed and you grew older, and you grew apart from me.  My love was no longer enough for you.  Your studies and knowledge of the law became your god.  The law took the place of the love you once had for me.  Your position among the religious leaders continued to rise.  The more you persecuted and killed my children, the further away from me did you travel down your own path.  Your heart became like the stone I wrote my commandments upon.  However Moses did break the first stone tablet when he threw it down in anger when he saw that the Israelite’s’ had turned back to sin while he had been on the mountain with Me. 

      You took Stephen, and falsely accused him.  His trial was no more than a show to please the law you loved.  He was found guilty in your court and then had him stoned to death outside the city gate.  He died in front of you, yet now he lives with Me.

     What I have to say to you now is very important.  I am taking your sight from your eyes.  You will learn to see with your heart, for I will remove the heart of stone from you, and replace it with My heart.  The two men travelling with you will escort you to Damascus, and you will be safe.  I will come to meet you in three days.  I have more to speak to you about there. 

Until then, I love you,



Acts 7:54

Acts 8:3-4

ACTS 9:1-12

Exodus 32:19

12. Dear Peter (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Peter,

      I enjoyed our time on earth together. Do you remember when you first saw me? I was walking along the Sea of Galilee and I saw you and your brother Andrew casting out your nets. I called out to you and Andrew and said, ‘Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men’. The two of you immediately dropped your nets and joined Me. You were not afraid of hard work. You were strong, yet there was so many things that you did not understand when I was with you on earth. You heard every word I spoke yet you still acted on your own strength. You love Me, I know this. You however had relied on the work of your own hands to feed yourself, but now you belong to Me. You will no longer need to rely on yourself but trust in Me and all of your needs will be met. For your faith is not in man but in the One who came to save not only you, but all the lost souls of your world.

     Together we travelled with the others to many different places. There were also the times that I sent you and the others on without Me. Do you remember one of those times, when you and the others were travelling by boat, and you saw Me walking upon the water. Yet none of you were sure if it was Me. Some thought that I was a ghost. Yet you, Peter called out to Me, and said, “If it is You Lord, tell me to come to You, and I will.” I called to you and you did come to Me. You were walking on the sea to join Me. You began to sink when you took your eyes off of Me, but I did not let you drown.

     Peter, you know who I am, because the Father revealed Me to you, and you did believe. You saw Me on the mountain top speaking with Elijah and Moses. Many miracles did you witness and even performed. You listened and took to heart all that I had to say. You did not want to believe everything though. As we sat together eating, it was you who said that you would never deny Me. Yet I already knew a time was coming that you would. You would deny me three times, and you would hate yourself for this. I forgive you for this because your denial was not because you did not love Me, but that you were afraid and you let your fear dictate your actions. Have no fear though. My body did die on the cross and I was buried. I have conquered death and I rose from the grave on the third day. I live forever, and I have conquered Satan and took the keys to life from him and death cannot hold Me.

     I am the Son of the Most High God. I give to you authority over what I have authority over. For you are adopted into My family. My love for you endures forever. I am always with you, and I will send to you and all who believe in Me, the Helper. He is My Holy Spirit. There is nothing that can stop you from sharing the Good News, that I am the Messiah. I am Gods Son. I was born to save man. It is time that I return to My Father, but I live in you. My Spirit will reside in you. Life will not be easy but keep faith in Me and I will do great things through you. You will be with Me again because I will return to take you home with Me, but until that time do what I have commanded. I love you.


Your Savior Jesus



Matthew 4:18-20 / Mark 1:116-18

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