20. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Deborah

My Dear Deborah,

     Let no man ever say a woman cannot lead for she does not have the strength or the intelligence. For you my daughter are proof that that is not true. I created both man and woman. Both are good.

     You are a prophetess married to Lapidoth I made you judge over Israel during the time Jabin was king of Canaan. You did not seek this position; it was I that chose you. You judged with fairness and with wisdom. You lived in the mount of Ephraim and sat beneath a palm tree where the children of Israel came to you for judgment. There were those who criticized you, but you did not let their way of thinking effect you, or how you conducted yourself.

     You lived according to My will. Seeking to please me and not trying to win the approval of men. You are not afraid to battle and took your place on the battlefield. Then you lead an army on to victory. You dear woman are strong and courageous. You bring joy and pride to my heart when I look upon you. You are an inspiration to future women who do not believe in themselves, just because they are a woman.

     They can learn of you and know that being a woman does not make them worthless, and weak. They can find courage and take their place in the battle for my Kingdom. Thank you for your obedience and faith. I love you My child.


El Shaddai


Judges chapter 4 & 5