A Tree Falls


Okay it was not the whole tree that fell today but a large portion of tree did fall into our playground today. I actually heard a loud crack light lightning than a woosh as I watched it fall. I am thankful that all the children who live here in the apartments were not home but at school today. This however has lead me to a few thoughts. Here is the first of those.


Thankfully when this large branch fell no one was hurt and no property damage was done.


It missed the cars parked next to the playground.

No children were on the playground and it even missed the jungle gym and slide.


As I thought about how thankful I was that no one was hurt I began to think about what happens when a brother or sister in Christ falls. Yes they are hurt and much damage is done…

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A Tree Falls And The lessons Continue / Fallen But Not Useless



The tree that fell in the playground of the apartments I lived in continues to teach us lessons. Today as I looked at the branches cut and in piles and looked at the tree that they came from I received another lesson.


Fallen does not mean useless it also does not mean that you have changed who you are. Your purpose may have changed, and your location may have changed and you may even feel separated from the source of life with your creator but you still have purpose and you are still His creation.


He can take the broken pieces of your life and use them for many new purposes.  One thing that you can easily do with a fallen branch is cut it into firewood. This of course would be a one time use. Yet this wood can become so much more than that. I have already gathered branches from…

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Scars to Beauty Marks

A reminder that are past no matter how ugly can turn into something beautiful.


From Scars to Beauty Marks

As I look at the scars on my body I realize things are not always what they look like. Yes the scars are real, from the burn scar on my wrist which originally was done to my hand as a child to the other scars both seen and unseen. To the world they look ugly and even to me for most of my life. It was only recently that I can look at these scars and see them as beauty marks. Why beauty marks? Well, because what caused these scars were painful events in my life. Yet they are what make me the woman I am today.

I was recently looking down at my arm examining the scars, the burn mark which is now on my wrist, the one left from a knife, and the missing knuckle above my pinky finger. The burn scar was…

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Sunny day at the lake

Even on a cold day you can find the warmth of the Love God has for us.


With the up and down weather we have been having here in Bridgeport Texas, when I saw the sun in the sky I took a drive to the lake. Yes it is still cold but it was still good to go outside and enjoy God’s creation.


All bundles up

It is a little cold out here.

Frozen beauty

The water is not too cold!

Don’t just stand on the shore and watch others enjoy life


get out there and live your life.


Feel the warmth of the love of Jesus


He is the Light the guides you through this world


His light shines favorably upon you.

He leads you besides still waters.

He calms the storms inside of you and gives you peace.

I a thankful for this beautiful day that He blessed me with and that I was able to enjoy a day surrounded by His glory.


Photography by Julie…

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Please Help!

Please continue to pray for this amazing woman of God. Her faith is inspirational.


I normally would not ask for help from strangers. I actually have a hard enough time asking for help for myself. Yet in this instance the help I am asking for is not for myself. It is for a couple I have known for almost four years now. I met them shortly after my mother passed away and I had just finished a terrible court battle where I had been falsely charged and the final outcome had been against me. Devastated and my life turned upside down I went to Full Armor Biker Church in Alvord Texas. Where I met Doc and Cheryl Dennis, the pastors of the church. You might of read my post where I had interviewed Cheryl.




This couple was and still is an inspiration to me. I can still remember her words to me during a conversation we had. She was needing help in the children’s ministry…

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Moon and Stars / Night Sky Oct. 3, 2016

Looking up


Photography by Julie Sheppard

I love to look up to the sky during both the day and the night. The different phases of the moon, and the brilliance of the stars. The shift from day to night. The gift of sight to see the beauty of the ever changing canvas called the sky.

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