Helpful Tip #1 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

I found a useĀ for rubbing alcohol that women who suffer from hot flashes will find useful.


Items needed:

  1. Spray bottle
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Lavender oil

Fill bottle with rubbing alcohol and add 3 to 5 droppers of oil.

Spraying sheets with mixture then placing sheets in freezer till time to go to bed. Placing sheets back on bed. This will provide you with a cool that will help you fall asleep cool and comfortable. For added cool comfort spray sleep wear and freeze as well. The cool feeling may not last all night but it does help. The lavender is an aroma therapy that has a peaceful and calming affect. The rubbing alcohol has a cooling effect and helps retain the cool of the sheets without the mess of melting ice.

You can also spray on body as a cooling body spray.