Coincidence? Don’t Think so!

Okay today I am venting a bit. A few weeks back I was having a discussion about the idols we have in our lives that we don’t even realize are idols. I confessed that I spent too much time on the computer as being one of my idols. I said I could rationalize some of the time for paying bills and the research I do for  my Bible studies and the job hunting, then there is my writing and art, but to be honest spending hours playing mahjong is not being productive. My other electronic roommate and idol was my TV. Not long after this discussion did my internet go down, which effected both my computer time and TV time. I laughed and told God this is not a coincidence. I have come to a place in my life when God reveals things to me He really means business. Well the internet for my home was down for a week. Guess what? I lived! Yes It meant leaving the comfort of my home to use a computer elsewhere. Which is what I am doing today. You see after my internet was repaired, my computer decided it was going to call in sick, so I sent it to a friends for them to work on it. When it was returned it worked for a week and then decided it was going to quit all together.  So here I am venting at the local Library. If I had known that by acknowledging my idols that I was going to be quickly stripped of them I might not have said anything, but at the same time I know anything that steals my time and keeps me from giving God my full attention really needs to go. Does this mean I can’t use a computer? Not at all. I can do things that I enjoy as long as it does not come before my time with Jesus. My Pastor ‘Doc’ has often said, “It’s time to get off of Facebook and into The Book!”

I have made plenty of excuses in the past saying there is nothing else for me to do. I live alone and my body limits my activity, and I am just taking a break from my problems. The truth is I would probably be in a better place if I didn’t keep taking breaks from my problems and spent more time with The Problem Solver. God deserves better from me. He should since He gave His best for me before I ever knew or acknowledged Him. So I am temporarily without a computer. I still have access when I need to use one. It just means that I will not be spending hours doing nothing and using the computer for more more important things than just passing time. Okay I am done venting.

Have a blessed day!