Don’t Panic!

Don’t Panic!


What is the first thing you do when someone tells you not to look down? Most people automatically look down. The same thing can be said when you tell a person not to panic. This brings attention to their already vulnerable state. Have you ever told a woman to calm down? How did that work out? Telling a person not to panic when they are facing something that is terrifying them does not help. It is like telling a drowning person who is drowning that hey the water is wet. They already know this. Panic is brought about when fear of what ever the person may be dealing with becomes so overwhelming they can see no way out, there is no answer to their problem, and no matter which way they turn they only see more problems. There are millions of things to cause fear, health issues, unpaid bills, lack…

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Because God loves gay people. God loves everyone.

Don’t get it twisted. This is not just a self-righteous, judgmental platitude…it’s biblical truth.

Why is God anti-gay?

Because God is anti-adultery, but not anti-adulterer.

He’s anti-fornication, but not anti-fornicator.

He’s anti-murder, but not anti-murderer

He’s anti-malice, but not anti-malicious.

He’s anti-hate, but not anti-hater.

He’s anti-lie, but not anti-liar.

He’s anti-foolishness, but not anti-fool.

He’s anti-pride, but not anti-proud person.

He’s anti-greed, but not anti-greedy person.

I think you get the picture. God is anti-sin, but He is not anti-sinner. Even though there are those trying to now establish that homosexuality is not a sin. It still is. Even though many people are trying to say that that’s not what Sodom and Gomorrah was about. It still was (Genesis 19). Even though many people are trying to say that Jesus never addressed homosexuality, He still did (Matthew 19:4-6)FOR THOSE…

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People sure can ‘cherry pick’ their sins!

Let me first say this. I DID NOT say God hates homosexuals or those who have abortions. God loves everyone, and we were all made in His image.

Now, with that said…I wonder why do so many of my fellow Christians act as though homosexuality and abortion are the only sins that matter socially, politically and most of all that matter to God.

Yes, I agree that homosexuality is a sin…that gay marriage is unacceptable to God, and that abortion does equate to murder. My intention in writing this isn’t to debate these two sins, but to be responsible… From Genesis 19, to Leviticus 18, to Romans 1, to 1 Corinthians 6,God makes it undeniably clear that homosexuality is a sin and that marriage is only between a man and woman Genesis 5:2 and Matthew 19:4, even though there are…

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Sunshine Blogger Nominee

I would like to thank Tangie T. Woods for nominating me for this award. Tangie T. Woods

Their blogs are inspirational and edifying I hope if you have not already, you go to her page and read her posts.


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Continual Prayer Keeps Us Vigilant

Continual Prayer Keeps Us Vigilant

140 Character Christian

It hit me the other night that darkness in this world is not static, that evil is continually on the move. That means our prayers are not a one-time event; our prayers must be constant, continually praying for the Spirit of God to drive out the darkness with His light. We must remember that if we are not vigilant in our prayers, darkness can get a toehold in our lives and the church.

I think this is what Paul is telling the church in 1 Thessalonians 5:12-20. Paul writes in verse 16-18, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.” This reminds us that if we lose our focus on Christ Jesus and start grumbling about our circumstances, we leave a door open for darkness to move into our lives and the church. In verses 12-15 he cautions the church to guard against things that cause division. He urges…

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Ugly Or Beautiful?


When I made this cross out of clay you could bake in the oven I didn’t think much about it at the time. I have created crosses that looked better than this plane black cracked cross. I am not even sure why I chose the black clay that day.


 Yet the other day when I picked up this cross and looked at it and thought you are kind of ugly. then I heard God speak quietly to me. The cross was never beautiful, the beauty came from the One who hung on it.
Many of us have crosses that decorate our homes. I have a beautiful one with wings that was given to me as a gift that hangs in my living room. I have made them myself as gifts for friends, and even made one as an emergency repair for a plaque on which the original cross was accidentally…

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Giving Thanks December 7, 2016 – Tribute


 Corinthians 15:57 – But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Art by Julie Sheppard (Forever in His loving arms)

Romans 8:39 – Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I thank God for His love overcomes the world and that no one can take His love from me. What can I say or give that could compare to the love He has given to each and every one of us? For God is love and He gives freely of Himself. I thank Him with my lips and submit to Him my life, for my life is nothing without Him.

Definition of tribute 

  • : something that you say, give, or do to show respect or affection for someone

  • : something that proves the good…

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