Men, Here Are 5 Areas You Must Grow As Husbands


Like most things in life, marriages are not static. It may feel like there are times when we settle into comfortable seasons, but marriages aren’t like McDonalds’ chicken nuggets. If we ignore them for a week, they will not look the same when we come back.

Every marriage is growing stronger or weakening…
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There is no exception. Marriages grow because the husband and wife are growing. Our marriages don’t exist in some strange limbo where they aren’t affected by our character, spiritual growth, and emotional maturity.
1. Husbands Must Grow in Their Walk with Jesus 
A man’s walk with King Jesus sets the direction for everything else in his life. It does not guarantee that you will have a great marriage, but it will be the foundation upon which all of your growth will be built. When you have a growing walk with Jesus, you will be actively putting to…

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Types of women Christian men Should Marry


  1. The Believing WomanImage result for godly wife

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” (Prov. 31:30)

The first requirement on a Christian man’s ‘wife list’ should be her allegiance to Jesus Christ. A woman whose heart is surrendered to God is the only kind of woman to whom a Christian man can be fully united, because there is no fellowship between light and darkness (2 Cor. 6:14). For a Christian man to marry an unbelieving woman (or vice versa) is to put God in second-place to the priority of a human relationship. While we are to have compassion on unbelievers (Col. 4:5-6) we are not to form intimate relationships with them at the risk of being unequally yoked (2 Cor. 6). The unequal yoking may not seem like an issue at first, but with time, the consequences of this decision can be drastic…

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Thoughts on short story series ‘Is it only in my mind?’

I am not sure how this story came to me, but I do believe it was inspired by the Spirit.  It makes no mention of Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit, but you can see them if you read carefully. The man who is speaking had a Jewish accent in my mind. The story is one that should hopefully get the reader to open up their mind and see not with human eyes but with spiritual ones. The second chapter is based on a dream that had tormented me when it first came to me when I was pregnant with my first child. Back then I thought it was a nightmare. It was so vivid, and repeated so many times that I hated to sleep. Afraid I would be taken back to it. It was not until years later that God had revealed to me that it was not to cause me fear but to show me that even though there are those who seek to harm me that I would not be destroyed. It was only recently that the revelation of what the fire circled around me meant. It is a hedge of protection that kept the enemy from taking my life. The story is for both believers and nonbelievers. A way to get past barriers that keep us from knowing Jesus. The man who is speaking can be called a teacher, a shepherd and a friend. Our battle is not one of flesh, but is spiritual. I hope this story has inspired you. I

Is it only in my mind? The friend chapter 4

Well it seems I have another chapter to add to my little short story.  I have not written much fictional work, but I am enjoying this journey and I hope you are enjoying the story as well.

Is it only in my mind? The friend /Chapter 4
Julie Sheppard

Glad you could come over today. I know it has been a while. No, I had not forgotten about you. I just got busy and I met somebody. No! It is not what you are thinking. No romantic connection, but they are a friend now. We met at the park. To be honest, I thought they were a bit odd. Nutty, but harmless. When they called out to me and asked me to sit with them, I was going to just pass them by. Then I saw their eyes, and something made me sit and listen.

First they told me that if I would give them a moment of my time and answer a few questions they would take me to a place very few have seen. I did not believe they would actually take me anywhere. You know that I would not go somewhere with anyone I did not know.As strange as this person seemed, something about them made me feel comfortable and want to spend time and find out what they had to say. So they asked me some questions that were not really strange but seemed strange at the time. I don’t know why, but I answered each one. They thanked me for my time and told me if I wanted to talk more, that I could find them there at the park or across the street at the cafe.

I am not sure why, but a couple of days later I to the cafe. We sat drinking coffee and talking. I actually listened to what they had to say.Then the next thing I knew we were taking a trip. No where really, but somehow while talking it was like being transported to another time and place. No, it was not some out-of-body experience and I have not started using any drugs and I was not drunk. It was real. It was scary at first, but being there with them made me feel safe. It was like knowing you are in a dream and nothing can hurt you, no matter what was happening.

I know that you think that I have gone crazy, but I haven’t. I am not having a mental breakdown, doing drugs or drinking. This person is not some con-artist trying to take advantage of me, or trying to sell me snake oil. In the short time I have known them we have become good friends. I know that I can trust them.

I know that you are worried about me and don’t want for anyone to hurt me. I am thankful that you are such a good friend. You do not have to worry though, and they will never take your place in my life. I would actually like for you to meet them. They took me to meet a friend of theirs and I hope they will take you to meet him too. You will like him. He too has become a friend of mine.

Meeting these people has changed me in a very good way. They have that effect on people that is hard to put into words. Just meeting them will change your world. They helped me with things I did not know I needed help with. I am feeling so much better since I met them.

   I am going to see them later today, would you like to go with me?



I’ve written about our country being broken for the past couple years on Presidents Day.  I’ve been witness to breaking up of families through divorce.  Through my life, I’ve been broken by loss of a loved one – bad choices – sins that continually haunt me.  I’ve also seen division occur when minds have differences of opinion – friendships are broken because of it – lives change as a result.  When something is cracked, do we abandon it?  Do we walk away, because we don’t want to pick up the pieces and go through the tedious job of putting them back together again?

Last week I accidentally bumped a treasured porcelain figurine and broke it. This little piece of art had survived all these years without a crack. I glued it back together again, but will it last? Will the mending outlast time?  Probably not.  Still for a while, it will be fine and…

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