November 14, 2015 Saturday

No lesson or advice today. Just  me rambling. With all that has happened in this last week, I know that many are in shock over the attacks and lives lost. What is saddening me the most is that this violence does not come as a shock to me. People keep saying things will get better, but I do not see it. I see prophecy being fulfilled. Which is a not bad because that only means that the return of Jesus is coming. I may not know the date or the hour but the signs are becoming for more frequent.

People will ask, ‘Where was God?’ like they do every time a tragedy strikes. Which my answer is, “He was with the victims sharing in their pain and suffering’. Another question will be, ‘If there is a God, how could He let something like this happen?’ God did not plan or make these people do what they did and yes He did not stop them. To stop them would mean He would have to take away their free will and their ability to make choices for themselves. He gave each and every one of us the ability to make decisions for ourselves when He gave us free will. He is not one who gives a gift and takes it back. Which I am thankful for because I would not like for Him to take back the gift of salvation. People make their own choices to do what they will, whether it is right or wrong, to do good or to cause harm. When judgement day comes we will all be accountable for our own actions. Until that day though God grieves for us. He hurts for us. His love for us did not stop because of tragedy but is without limit or measure in spite of the terrible things that happen in this world. The tears He has shed for us could flood this earth I believe. My rambling is come to its end so this is all I have left to say.

I pray for the families and loved ones who lost people this week not only in France but all around the world. I pray for the children who are being abused, used and discarded like trash. I pray for all the victims of violence. I pray for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect another, who serve in the military, are policemen, and firefighters. To the stranger who sees a wrong being done and gets involved to help. For families whose lives have been torn apart for any reason. For those who are battling cancer or any other disease. For those who have no job, home, or food. I pray for those who battle depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, and other mental issues. I pray for those who battle addictions. I pray for those who are grieving. I pray for those who are lost and hurting who do not know Jesus to be found. Lord I pray for your people my brothers and sisters in Christ. We need You. You are the Only Way! Forgive us of our sins and deliver us from the evil one. Give us the ability to love our enemies and bless those who curse us. All this I pray in Jesus name. amen.