Two ways to keep mouth shut of those who judge and tag you as negative criticizer

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I have always been blamed of criticizing people and things though I am making rightful comments Biblically. For example if sun is scorching hot I have said, “It’s too hot today.” But many people take this opinion as negative statement or criticism. I have somehow learnt two effective ways to shut the mouth of such people that try to eat your brains out with their rash opinions.

Shutting the mouth of those who tell you are negative and criticizer

Everyone in this modern era thinks judging is bad habits. There is even famous phrase that says, “Nobody can judge you, only GOD can judge you.” The other one is “If you point one finger four fingers are pointing at you.”

Now let’s hear what Jesus said in Matthew 7:1-5, “Don’t judge or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others and with the same…

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Focusing on the Heart /How old is your heart?

Heart check time.


I am focusing on the heart and will be sharing articles I find intresting while I prepare for my next Bible study, Physical Health Spiritual Health/What shape is Your Heart In? I hope these articles will be helpful, and I will be including the web address.

How Old Is Your Heart?
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Updated February 11, 2016.
Is your heart age the same as your chronological age? Unfortunately, for many Americans, the answer is no—because, due to cardiac risk factors and unhealthy lifestyle habits, their hearts are actually many years older than they should be.

Calculating Your Heart Age

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a very handy heart age calculator that can be…

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Laughter is good medicine / Test time

In class one day, Mr. Johnson pulled Johnny over to his desk after a test, and said, “Johnny I have a feeling that you have beenCHEATING ON your tests.” Johnny was astounded and asked Mr. Johnson to prove it. WELL, said Mr. Johnson, I was looking over your test and the question was, ‘Who was our first president?’, and the little girl that sits next to you, Mary, put ‘George Washington,’ and so did you.”

“So, everyone knows that he was the first president.”

“Well, just wait a minute,” said Mr. Johnson. “The next question was, ‘Who freed the slaves?’ Mary put Abraham Lincoln and so did you.”

“Well, I read the history book last night and I remembered that,” said Johnny.

“Wait, wait,” said Mr. Johnson. The next question was, ‘Who was presidentDURING the Louisiana Purchase?’ Mary put ‘I don’t know,’ and you put, ‘Me neither’.”