The Violence Needs To Stop

Please check out this link. I meant to post this last year.

It is sad that reports like the one above has become a regular event. A lack of respect for anyone having a different point of view is leading people to act in hate and violence. They cry tolerance for their beliefs but refuse to be tolerant of anyone who does not agree with them. These protests lead to violent acts and are nothing close to peaceful. In the above article a 15 year old was beaten because he supports Trump. You have a right to support any candidate you choose, but it will never be right to cause physical harm to anyone who does not agree with who you choose. This of course is only one of many acts of violence that have taken place.

Since Trump has taken office the strife has not ended. It has only grown. What bbothers me is that those who are protesting say they are for peace and love but their actions are anything but peaceful or loving.