Respecting Husbands?

See, there's this thing called biology...

honeySweet question came up around the idea that men need respect while women need love. Women tend to express love in a more ethereal way, having to do with feelings and emotions, often nurtured by a sense of protection and safety. Some people don’t like this analogy, but I think it works really well in our interpersonal relationships, it solves a frequent communication problem between the genders.

So how do you respect husbands?

In general in order to actually be loved, men need to sense something more concrete than our feelings. Conversely, women simply need to “feel loved,” so while taking out the garbage is quite concrete and charming, it is not nearly as effective as talking to her in way that makes her feel heard, acknowledged, and safe.

It’s a bit funny, I know so many women who complain about the garbage, the laundry, the dishes, how  he never…

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