If you don’t have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut

I have been absent for a long time. When I last posted, I shared that I was going to have surgery on my shoulder that I had injured working. Unfortunately 6 days prior to the scheduled surgery Workers Comp decided to cut me completely off. The surgery did not happen, I lost my appeal. I still do not have complete use of my arm, along with the swelling,pain, and discoloration. It still hurts to type these words. I didn’t want to complain or vent publicly. So I have kept my problems from public view. I have fought to keep from speaking negatively, knowing that doing so would not help my situation, and would damage my witness. Through faith in Christ, prayers and good friends, I am hanging on. Still waiting and hoping for my shoulder and arm to be repaired. Grateful for God’s help and provision. I don’t know when I’ll write again, but I do miss you all and reading all of your wonderful posts.

25 thoughts on “If you don’t have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut

  1. Julie, you have been missed. By the stripes of Jesus, you are healed. Pain leave now, in Jesus name. All trauma from the injury, Workmen’s Comp and the appeal leave Julie. Full use of your shoulder and arm is yours.

    I understand shoulder pain due to having had issues with both shoulders. When the pain would come, I would tell it to leave and it would Favor of God over your life, body, soul and spirit.

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  2. You have been missed! Lifting you up in prayer and asking the Lord for healing on your shoulder. Sometimes there are hidden blessings in missed surgeries. I have no idea if that is true in your case, but it might be something to pray about.

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  3. Julie, sorry to hear of your suffering. Perhaps God does not want the surgery. He intends to heal you Himself because He loves you. Anoint yourself with the Blood of Jesus, and anointing oil and may the Spirit of the Lord visit you! Every spirit of infirmity be bound in Jesus’ Name!

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