Expressing myself

   Whether I use words, paint, sketch with pen or pencil, I am expressing myself. What my mood or state of mind is will determine what I choose to express. My canvas can be a sheet of paper, a piece of cardboard or wood, a computer screen, or an actual canvas. My media of choice ranges from words, paints, charcoal, pencils, photography or anything that I get my hands on. I enjoy music and dance. I am comfortable out in nature, in the woods, by a stream, by a lake, or on the sand by the ocean. I am just as comfortable in the city at a museum, in a book store, a cafe, in church, or at a concert(in a theater or outside at a park). Inspiration comes to me like a breeze. I never know when it will happen or where it will come from. It just happens. My best work only happens when inspired. When I try to force it, other ‘s may like my work, but I don’t find joy and see nothing but my flaws. It may be days, weeks, or even months that nothing comes to me. Then the skies open and it is like a down pour. I use to keep these treasures to myself until I found the joy of sharing. Each piece of work is a piece of me. Even when my words ramble on and I feel like I am speaking nonsense, it is still an expression of me. When a blank canvas calls to me, I do not know what the finished work will be. Colors will call to me and then with the final stroke, ‘Voila’ I am happy with this new creation that flowed from me. Even my camera has an eye and mind of it’s own. When I look through it’s lens I am not seeing with my own eye but transported to another world. Then the pleasure comes when I see the pictures in print.  Creative expression is an outlet I need to help me deal with the ugliness found in this world. Art, poetry, music, dance, theater, and books brings beautiful expression of each artist, author, and performer.                             So when I look at another’s work I appreciate their talent and the time they gave to share their creations.

Art by Julie Sheppard

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