22. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Ruth

Dear Ruth,

     Your love and devotion has been seen. For I see your heart and what is truly inside of you. You married into a family that was not like your own. They came from a foreign land and have only one God. I Am their God. You made your husband’s’ mother your own. You made their God, your God. I Am the One you now serve. When your husband died, you did not lose your faith in Me. You stayed loyal to Naomi. Even when she released you, and tried to send you back to your family, you refused to go. You stayed with her and left your own family and the only place you had ever known. Travelling with Naomi to the land of her youth you left your home. She had nothing to offer you, and yet you served her faithfully. This showed Me that your love is true.

     You immediately went to work to take care of not only your needs, but the needs as Naomi as well. You worked the fields gleaning after others, and brought her what you could gather. You listened and obeyed her instructions. Through your obedience you entered the path to your redemption. The field you chose to work belongs to a relative of Naomi’s. You did not know this.

     The first time he saw you working in the field he noticed you. He asked who you were and he was told that you are Naomi’s daughter in-law the Moabite and that you were both now widows He made sure that not only were you protected but as the harvesters gathered that they left a little extra grain for you to gather. When you returned that day You brought Naomi great joy. She told her about this family member and what you should do. You listened and did what she instructed you to do.

     What you had to do did mean you had to risk your life. Naomi instructed you to wait for Boaz to find a place to sleep, for there was a festival celebrating the harvest. When he became tired he laid down and fell asleep. You then uncovered his feet and laid down covering them with the bottom of your dress. When he woke up and found you he did not turn you away. He however had to send you back to Naomi till he could redeem you from another relative first. He knew how to deal with him and he then was able to marry you. Now you are now adopted into my family of Israel. Through your love and devotion others will be blessed. I love you for the woman you are, and I am happy to call you My own. May the rest of your life be blessed.


Your Heavenly Father and God


The book of Ruth

5 thoughts on “22. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Ruth

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. When I began writing these letters I had gone through some very difficult trials and what gave me the strength to go on was God and the faith of the people I found in the Bible and how they faced their struggles. Joseph and his life was my biggest inspiration. I will reblog them so you can find them easier. I hope that you enjoy them.

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