I am here for you

     I do not know or truly understand what you have lived through. Even if you share your story with me, I would not know how you truly felt. You could describe the events and how they made you feel. But it is like watching a movie. One can only wonder how much of the story ended up on the floor of the editing room. We tell our story in short bits and pieces. Even how we express how we may have felt changes each time we share an event, depending on our current mood. If we are not feeling well, either physically or emotionally, we may express sadness or anger. Another time we may show indifference.  No matter how many times we may share the same story it may seem different. Some of us may record our thoughts and our daily events in journals and diaries. We take them out of the drawer or take them off the shelf to either add a new entry or read from our past. We reflect upon our own words and see how much we have grown. We are the same but different.

    I write this because that even though I may not completely understand how you feel or what you are going through, I do care about you. My pain and my experiences are different than yours but do not make them more difficult or tragic. They do make me more emphatic to your pain. I do understand your [pain hurts! You matter, and I am here to give you my ear to listen, my heart that cares, and my arms to hug and hold you when and if you need to cry. No judgment or criticism, no telling you what you may have done wrong, and no offering up advice on what you need to do. I am just here for you. You can talk and share what is going on or we can just sit in silence. It is up to you. I just want you to know that even if you feel all alone, I am here and you are loved.

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