People Who I Admire

There are people who come into your life in different ways and at different times. Some will have a positive influence on your life and others will not. Today I am going to be writing about a couple who has blessed me more than they will ever know. The first blessing is that God placed them in my life and me on their heart. They do not have a lot and they give what they really don’t have to give and she says she is sorry that it is not much. What I see is the woman with the two coins who Jesus sees and sees that she has given more than the others for what she gave was a true sacrifice. So the gift of sacrifice is another way having them in my life has blessed me because it has taught me that it is not the material value but the value of a giving heart. Now this blessing is hard for me to describe without getting too deep into sharing something very personal for them so I will say only this they suffered a great tragedy. Yet when you meet them you would never know this. It is not only that they don’t complain about what happened to them but you can visibly see a true joy about them. What God teaches me through them is so much that I could never repay all that they have given to me.  If you were to meet her the first thing you would notice is that her smile reaches her eyes and you will never know the pain of what broke her heart by just seeing her or spending time with her. You have to really get to know her to know she feels any pain at all and even then she will not talk much about it but talk about the goodness of life and of Jesus. She is beautiful inside and out and filled with so much love just spending a moment with her will have a very positive effect on you. He is gifted with knowledge and wisdom and speaks with authority that only comes from Jesus yet he does not boast of himself. He is not arrogant or puffed up but humble and gentle. Listen to him read the word and the revelation on what he reads you know comes from Christ. His heart is to train up new disciples and I know I have learned a lot from him and his wife. For they though  they know true sorrow live a life that shows the world the love and joy of Jesus Christ, and to me that is why I admire and love them and treasure the gift of their friendship. God bless them always and bless you for reading this. I know I did not mention their names but that is to respect them, but I hope that if there are people whom you have been blessed with like this couple I hope you will share what having them in your life has done for you here with me and the others who will read this.

5 thoughts on “People Who I Admire

  1. I grew up in many faster homes and this is the type of just one of the two homes were the parents I was talking about, opening the door was something they did for teenagers, who come from troubled homes the have ended up in Juvenile or they where taken from their homes until a more suitable home could be found. Out of the one out of the eight or nine was a girl they had two others they adopted because they were taken from their parents. I still call her to this day. This is the one I spoke about The widow. But any how thanks for taking time to gives us your little spot of life. God has given you the abilty to let just a small piece of your life to others that is a big start.

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