I am a liar

Wow,I said it.I am a liar.How can this be?I am a child of God so how can I tell a lie?Every time I say that I am fine when I am not,I am lying. Does that mean I am a bad person? No it doesn’t,but I am not being honest.It would be better for me to say I don’t feel like talking or I have been better. This way I am being honest with out having to lie.

This does not mean that I pretend that I don’t have any problems or that I am not hurting.I do need to have someone I trust that I can talk to. A person who can help me with my struggle whatever it may be. A person who will listen and be honest with me. Someone who is kind but will not be what I like to call a ‘Yes man ‘. I do not need a person who will agree with me if I am in the wrong.A real friend who cares about more than my feelings. They want what is best for me,and will tell me the truth even when they know I may not like what they have to say.

The truth can be painful and difficult to speak but if we lie we are only hiding in the dark. You can not see the way out in the dark. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. If I want to get better I need to be honest and tell the truth.

6 thoughts on “I am a liar

  1. Amen! We are all liars of a sort and something that I am always aware of, it’s actually a sin to be unloving towards ourselves! Some of us are notorious for that. The thing is God made a huge investment in us and He wants us to take care of ourselves and to be cared for by others. It also takes a lot of bravery to not lie about how we are really feeling. Sometimes people don’t respond as they should. Sometimes it helps to think of ourselves as providing the opportunity for others to practice their skills around caring for other people.

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  2. It is good to have someone you can trust to talk to. I have a feeling we are worried that people will think we are whiners if we are honest about having a rough time. Good and trusted Godly friends are so essential.

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    1. Thank you. Someone once told me that if you turn a light on in a room it is still dark inside the drawers and cupboards until you open them up and let the light in. When we have someone we can trust and can talk to we can shed light into the dark hidden inside of us. Once we do this we can then deal with what ever is troubling us.

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